Dansarosa launched the latest underwater housing for Canon 700D 650D called Mk-700D-650D. As user know, Canon 700D 650D, 600D and 550D capability the same field-proven 18-megapixel sensor and 1080p HD video, and a new articulating monitor helps make high angle and minimal angle composition possible.

Mk-700D-650D develop on the success of the MK-600D housing with a fresh design that keeps the excellent of the 600D & 550D housing but adds new structure components to more enhance the functionality and ergonomics.

The Mk-700D-650D waterproof cassing inherits the patented port locking device, locking housing latches, comfortable rubberized handles, and innovative ergonomic access to key camera controls. New advantage include a multifunction thumb lever for accessing Video Start/Stop, and manage extensions moving all of the camera’s controls within reach of the right and left handles.

Meikon housing are created with in-water ergonomics in mind, Meikong engineers have anew developed a system that puts key controls at the fingertips of the end user. Push buttons on the rear of the housing access Aim Segment Selector, Speedy Manage Menu, White Balance, Autofocus Mode, Drive, Playback, Delete, and Set. An accessory Zoom Gear Control Knob and push buttons for Menu and Info are available from the left handle.

When shooting in manual exposure mode, this lever assigns the function of the command wheel to shutter speed or f-stop, and when in Av or Tv modes enables exposure compensation. The lever is huge enough to be operated by reach for, allowing the photographer to keep their eye in the viewfinder while working this function and making exposure changes on the fly.



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