40M Meikon Canon EOS M6 Underwater Housing Waterproof Case

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Pro 40M "O" Ring waterproof case for Canon EOS M6 18-55 & 22mm lens


  • Professional underwater housing for Canon EOS M6 18-55 & 22mm lens, Use this housing you can take photos or videos underwater up to 40 meters. Ideal for diving at sea, surfing, snorkeling, skiing, yacht or other activities.


  • Clear view the camera information and control function
  • Protects your camera from scratches, sand, dirts, water, snow, etc.
  • Standard1/4" screw holes at the bottom for additional accessories, like handles, external flash attachment, etc.
  • Maximum underwater depth is 40M/130ft
  • With leak detector
  • Clear view to LCD display and full controls


    Compatible lenses:

    18-55mm housing can fit:
  • Canon EF-M 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM (Autofocus only, zoom control available)
  • Canon EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 IS STM (Autofocus only, zoom control available)
  • Canon EF-M 15-45mm F3.5-6.3 IS STM (Autofocus only, no zoom control)


    22mm housing can fit
  • Canon EF-M 22mm f/2 STM (Manual focus control available)



  • Lens: Super clear lens for optimal picture quality
  • Bracket holes: you can mount on your bracket for underwater shooting
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Screen: Touch screen compatible
  • Waterproof element: waterproof seal
  • Material: PC, ABS plastic, Clear plate glass, stainless steel, EPDM rubber, O-Ring
  • 100% tested: we test every single one case to ensure the 100% waterproof
  • Color: black
  • Net weight: 1070g/18-55mm; 960g/22mm
  • Size: 188 L * 188 W * 169 H/18-55mm; 175 L * 188 W * 169 H/22mm
  • IP: 40m waterproof * 1m shockproof
  • Working temperature: 0-40℃ (32-104℉)


    Attention before use:

    Check whether good of performance first. Also check whether have sand and dust inside of case. Must close the waterproof case and put it into underwater at least 200mm deep with 5 Minutes on condition of disassemble but waterproof oil with camera. Make sure there have no water inside. Then put your camera into waterproof case.


    Package Include:

  • 1 * underwater housing for Canon EOS M6
  • 1 * O-ring gasket
  • 1 * Cleaning Fluid
  • 1 * Neck strip
  • 1 * wrist rope
  • 1 * Use manal


    Optional Accessories

    6" Meikon Dry Dome Port For Canon M6 (11-22mm/22mm/18-55mm/15-45mm) is very versatile and suitable for various wide-angle full frame lenses, idea extra lens for underwater photography with Canon M6.
    Canon M6 waterproof case dry dome port
    Canon M6 waterproof case dry dome port
    Canon M6 waterproof case dry dome port

    8" WA006-D wide angle dry lens dome for Canon M6(11-22mm/22mm/18-55mm/15-45mm), ideal half water photography choice

  • Canon M6 waterproof case 8
  • Canon M6 waterproof case 8

  • Double Handles Aluminium Tray Set For Canon EOS M6 housing

  • Canon EOS M6 waterproof case aluminum tray set double handles
  • 60m/195ft Waterproof LED Flashlight For Underwater Camera Housing

  • 60m/195ft Waterproof LED Flashlight For Underwater Camera Housing
  • 100m/325ft SeaFrogs ST-100 Pro Underwater Strobe fit for Meikon Canon M6 camera housing, optical fiber cable is included.

  • seafrogs ST-100 pro underwater strobe

  • seafrogs ST-100 pro underwater strobe

    Canon EOS M6 Review:

    This Canon EOS EOS M6 is well-made little gem with real DSLR picture quality in a tiny body. The 24-megapixel APS-C image sensor and DIGIC 7 image processor help deliver good image quality and impressive overall performance, but the Canon EOS M6 has to separate itself from not only its EOS M5 sibling but very good mirrorless cameras from numerous other manufacturers.


    Canon EOS M6 specification highlights

  • 24MP APS-C sensor with max ISO of 25600
  • Electronic video stabilization combines with in-lens IS to give 5-axis IS
  • Wi-Fi with always-connected Bluetooth
  • Dual Pixel on sensor PDAF
  • Selectable two-axis level.
  • 7 fps continuous shooting (9 fps with focus and exposure locked)
  • Programmable M-Fn button that can be a depth-of-field preview, for instance, or any of a gazillion other things.
  • 3:2, 4:3, 16:9 and 1:1 square aspect ratios; and you can program the M-Fn button to allow fast selection of them.
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