40M Meikon Canon 600D T3i Underwater Housing Waterproof Case 18-55

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Pro 40M 130FT "O" Ring Canon 600D T3i Underwater Housing Waterproof Case 18-55


Professional underwater camera housing for Canon 600D T3i with 18-55mm lens. With this you can take photos or videos underwater up to 40 meters.Ideal for diving at sea, surfing, snorkeling, skiing, yacht or other activities.


Waterproof, dustproof
Fit for Canon 600D T3i with 18-55mm lens
protestion for Camera
Maximum water resistant 40 meters/ the depth up to 40 meters
Exquisite, easy to use
With high quality waterproof and low price
Good tightness
high mechanical strength
40M waterproof 1M shockproof

Diving Camera shell Benefit:

whether rain or snow, you can have unrestricted use of your camera
good tightness, high mechanical strength, to protect your camera
dustproof, anti-staining fingerprint, easy cleaning
Maximum water resistant 40 meters

Diving Camera shell Underwater operation:

Diving Camera shell is very simple to use. Just place the camera in the case and seal the lid. An O-ring is used to make sure this is shut properly. The buttons and switches on the underwater camera housing are large and brightly colored. Which means that it is easy to see them underwater. The camera can also be operated perfectly well if you are wearing diving gloves.

Diving Camera shell Diffuser plate:

Underwater housing for Canon 600D with a diffuser plate. This component for the flash light helps to prevent a snow effect underwater when the flash light is reflected on the microscopic small particles in the water. Most of underwater cases have a diffuser plate for the flash light that distributes the light from the flash lamp, so that underwater photos taken with a flash are much better.

Underwater housing Use:

Installing the camera case requires full attention, it is important to work on a clean sub-soil to reduce the chance of dirt getting onto the o-ring to the minimum. Also important is to have everything at hand. So u willnot run risks of forget anything. If you donot follow these rules you are bound to make mistakes. Make sure you donot get distracted.


The underwater housing is closed with a O-ring. Every single time when underwater housing has been opened, the o-ring has to be cleaned and greased if necessary. While doing so it is highly important to seek that no grain of sand or hair got onto the o-ring. One single grain of sand on the O-ring could mean the end of a valuable compact camera.

Camera control:

The camera can be placed in the waterproof case with great ease. Once the camera is positioned inside the Diving Camera shell, the latter is closed by means of a lock on the left side. Before actually taking the underwater , pls always check one last time if the O-ring is correctly placed. And as a final check , you can put it in a bowl of water.

Diving Camera shell Precautionary Measure:

1. use a large number of fresh water (running water or drinking water) to thoroughly clean the outside of the waterproof shell. Higher than 40 ° C water may not use, because it will damage waterproof shell.
2. Need longer cleaning time if ever used waterproof case. Should put into water for several hours.
3. Pls sure whole case into water, include Safety lock device.
4. In order to Avoid Scratch equipment by sand and dirt, pls choose soft fabric or thin tissue paper to Gently dry water.
5. vestigital seawater will lead to corrosion metal parts equipment, it will affect button, two hinges and safety lock device.
6. Use soft and clean fabric to clean equipment inside.

Before Use Test:

Check whether good of performance first. Also check whether have sand and dust inside of case.Must close the waterproof case and put it into underwater at least 200mm deep with 5 Minutes on condition of disassemble but waterproof oil with camera. Make sure there have no water inside. Then put your camera into waterproof case.

Package Include:

1 * Hand strap
1 * arm strap
1 * O-ring
1 * diffuser plate
1 * user manual

Optional Accessories:

Double Handles Aluminium Tray Set For Canon 600D T3i housing Canon 600D T3i underwater housing double handles aluminum tray set Canon 600D T3i underwater housing double handles aluminum tray set

60m/195ft Waterproof LED Flashlight For Underwater Camera Housing 60m/195ft Waterproof LED Flashlight For Underwater Camera Housing

100m/325ft SeaFrogs ST-100 Pro Underwater Strobe fit for Meikon Canon 600D T3i camera housing, optical fiber cable is included. seafrogs ST-100 pro underwater strobe seafrogs ST-100 pro underwater strobe

Canon 600D T3i Review:

The Canon EOS 600D is an 18.0 megapixel digital single-lens reflex camera, released by Canon on 7 February 2011. It also gains the ability to remotely control flashguns using its internal flash, a feature previously only featured on higher-end models. EOS Scene Detection Technology automatically analyses faces, brightness, movement, contrast and distance in the scene, with information provided as feedback to the Scene Intelligent Auto mode.
18-megapixel CMOS sensor
Scene Intelligent Auto mode
Full HD 1080p video recording at 24/25/30 frame/s
DIGIC 4 image processor
3.7fps continuous shooting
Wide-area 9-point AF
1,040k-dot vari-angle 7.7cm (3.0”) screen
sRGB and Adobe RGB colour spaces
ISO 100–6,400 expandable to 12,800
Basic+ and Creative Filters
Built-in wireless flash control

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